Iridology is an assessment, not treatment that analyzes health by examining the coloured part (iris) of the eye. It’s used to find the underlying causes for imbalances in the body and is effective in determining health concerns apparent in the iris long before physical symptoms manifest. Iridology assesses a multitude of anomalies in the body and reveals issues related to strength of constitution, stress, acidity and even deep set emotion. In this way, the eyes ARE windows to the Soul.

My first Iridology Assessment was THE first time someone actually assessed the root cause of many physical symptoms I was experiencing and the accuracy was astonishing. My Iridologist even suggested ways to cope with my stress better and told me where my body was holding onto it the most. My recovery came with dietary and life style changes as well as incorporating herbs and a few supplements to nourish and assist my body back to optimum health. My results were so profound that this would motivate me to learn this amazing (and globally popular) assessment modality.

This introduction to Iridology motivated me to get formal training and would ultimately lead me to all the healing modalities I now offer to assist people on their journey to whole life wellness. I am honoured to say that I now work in tandem with my Iridology mentor who has assessed over 8000 eyes, making significant and life-saving changes in people's lives.

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