Meet Nicole

Nicole Dunn is passionate in assisting people on their journey to wellness through implementing a variety of holistic modalities.

She is a registered Acupuncturist through the College of International Holistic Studies and a member of the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners.

She is a Certified Bowen Therapist through Bowtech, as well as a Reiki Master and Iridologist.

Her experience has led her to host seminars, workshops and retreats. Nicole's clientele continues to grow based on MD, ND, Chiropractic and personal referrals.


As I sit at my desk to deliver you "My Story" - I am reminded of a quote by Rachel Naomi Remen:

"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you
- all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are."

If you are reading this and are in physical pain, emotional distress or energetic imbalance, there is hope. I know this because I was you.

I was at the height of stress, anxiety, physical pain and emotional turmoil when I turned to alternative, or rather, complimentary healing therapies as a last resort.

Although I had been incorporating a healthy lifestyle for over a decade, I was at a personal "bottom" in all areas of my life. At the time, I worked as a manual labourer on an assembly line of an automotive company. The difficult environment isolated me from my hopes, dreams, talents and passions. I was working 8-10 hour shifts opposite to my husband and raising 3 children when I had suddenly sustained a serious back injury. It didn't take me long to realize that working for a "results oriented" company I was a hindrance in their eyes and this attitude quickly permeated to the shop floor where I was belittled by many of my co-workers.

In extreme pain, I followed the advice of my doctors, physiotherapists and adjudicator. But neither the cocktail of prescription medications nor the treatments seemed to give me any relief.

As I am sure you can imagine at this point I was on an emotional, mental and energetic rollercoaster and there seemed to be no physical relief to my pain. I knew there had to be something that would help.

Besides - It was me, one who has always been a highly driven, physically active and self motivated individual. I knew I couldn't live like this, so I started researching. A logical place to start was in Holistic therapies since there has always been something that intrigued me about Holistic approaches to health and wellness, so I went off to see an Iridologist.

During my first visit, the Iridologist put me on some herbs to help with my nerves and to reduce acidity and inflammation in my body. This fascinated me and to my amazement, I started to feel better. I soon brought my family in and saw their health improve as well.

And there began my journey in the field of Holistic healing. I knew if nothing else worked for me and this did, that I must be onto something. A fire burned within me and I had to learn more, learn this for myself and to help others; others like me.
My new career path in Iridology opened my mind to how interconnected the body, mind and soul are. It also made me realize that when symptoms arise we need to treat the underlying cause and bring the body back into balance. A symptom is the body's way of screaming out for help.

I also realized there is an emotional side of illness... the body reacts to emotions, or the holding back of emotions which can physically manifest into symptoms.

This insight led me into the healing energy of Reiki as well as Bowen Therapy, Meditation and Yoga. Since that first step on my journey to healing, I have been certified in all of these therapies as well as becoming an Acupuncturist, another modality that I am so grateful for.

In addition, I also teach meditation and am a Certified Facilitator of the 5 Tibetans Yogas. This amazing journey has led me to facilitating corporate workshops, speaking at Wellness events, holistic retreats and running my own practice. Over the years, many of my clients have sent me heartfelt cards and letters stating that I have given them their life back - new hope. I am grateful for this and it is why I do what I do.

I look back and think of where this all started.

On a deeper level I think my injury was my Gift and for where I am now, I am grateful.
Each and every one of these wonderful stepping stones to my healing have been succinctly laid out on my own personal journey to 'wellness'. I am honoured and excited to assist you on your journey to being the best you can be physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Feel free to browse the site and to contact me to discuss how I may assist you on your personal journey.



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